A hand holding tiny baby’s feet while it sleeps.

3 Ways to Dress a Baby for Summer

Choosing your baby's outfits for the hottest season is probably one of the tasks on your to-do list these days. There are certain aspects you should take into consideration, so it might seem a bit more difficult than it actually is. Now, take a look at 3 ways to dress a baby for summer and you will be ready to try them on your little bundle of joy. We have also prepared some extra tips for you, so stay tuned.

The golden rule of dressing your baby

Whenever you are not sure whether your baby is too warm or too cold in their clothes, you should dress them in a way you are dressed. So, don't put long sleeves and leggings with feet on your little one if you are dressed in shorts and a sleeveless top.

Mom holding a baby on the beach, both wearing light summer clothes and hats. 

Here's a useful tip: Buy matching sets for you and your baby! They are meant to be worn together, so they are basically made from the same or very similar fabric. Prints are identical or they fulfill each other. Such sets usually comprise a onesie for the baby and a T-shirt for mommy or daddy. Baby Swag also has many sets for grandparents, aunts, uncles, etc. Hundreds of prints are available for making cool, cute or hilarious outfits.

Way number one - when you are outside on a hot day

Summer Sun can be too strong on the skin of your little one. So, no matter how hot it is outside, if you know your baby will be directly exposed to the Sun, you should cover their body parts. Since it only takes several minutes for your sensitive baby skin to get burnt, you can never be too careful about it.

Beat the heat with baby clothes made of natural materials. Cotton and linen fabrics should be your first choices. Unlike synthetics that would irritate the skin of your little one and make it feel even hotter, they will make your baby feel comfortable and pleasant.

The most practical piece of clothes for a baby is definitely a onesie. It keeps your little one's tummy and back covered regardless of their moves. Plus, they are practical for you when the time comes to change your baby's diaper. The ribbed and double-stitched collar will make your life easier when you need to change your baby after diaper accidents. Such onesies can be rolled down and taken off without touching the baby's head. Perfect for those parents who are still afraid of dressing and undressing their baby!

Does color make the difference?

Light-colored clothes are perfect for these hot summer days. They do not tend to sustain as much heat as the dark ones do, so remember that next time you are shopping for baby clothes. At Baby Swag onesies are made of white or light grey pure cotton, which makes them perfect for hilarious prints you can opt for when ordering.

Consider using sunscreen for when you go out with your baby

Sunscreen products can be very useful, but you should make sure that you have chosen the appropriate one for the skin of your little boy or a girl. Dermatologists do not recommend using it on babies younger than six months, but we advise you to double-check with your baby's pediatrician.

 Cute baby girl wearing sunglasses.

Don't forget to bring a hat for your baby when you are taking it out during summer days. Get some cool sunglasses with appropriate UV filters, but don't expect that your little one will be as excited as you are about them.

Way number two - when you are in airconditioned space

The transition from high temperatures outside to rather cool ones inside some closed spaces can harm your baby's health. Our little ones are incapable of regulating their body temperature and that is why they need our help. You should always have an extra pair of socks, a light sweater, and a pair of leggings in your diaper bag. You will probably not need them all at once, but have them at hand just in case. Pack a light blanket to cover your baby when it falls asleep in its stroller while you do shopping or other errands.

Way number three - how to dress your baby for Summer nights?

When choosing a sleeping attire for your baby, again you should go for cotton and other natural materials regardless of the current season. Now, the room temperature will play an important role in your choice of clothes. Your baby will feel comfortable when it is set to some 70 degrees Fahrenheit. If the room where your baby sleeps does not have a fan or AC, your baby will need nothing more than a soft, light onesie. Where AC is on, you can opt for light PJs.

Baby wearing a onesie to illustrate one of the ways to dress your baby for Summer.

Choosing the best fit and size for your baby's summer clothes

Nobody likes wearing clothes that are too tight, especially not during summer. Babies agree on this one and they would rather be naked all the time. But, since that is not an option, get them the outfits that are one size bigger than their current fit. That will make it possible for their skin to breathe more easily since the air will circulate freely beneath their clothes.

Choosing the right size of clothes for your baby is not always the easiest of tasks. Some brands make clothes that are true to size, some are smaller, some bigger. The only way to know is to check their size chart that can usually be found on their website. Your baby's height and weight are more accurate parameters than its age.

Now that you know about the ways to dress your baby for Summer, you can enjoy picking cute little outfits for your lovely little one!

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