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      Fashion tips for mom and daughter

      a mom and her baby girl

      Getting a daughter is one of the most amazing, incomprehensible feelings ever. It’s only natural that you’re looking for a way to celebrate your happiness and show how proud you are to be a parent of an amazing girl! Are...

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      Tips for dressing a stylish baby

      Dressing a stylish baby girl can’t go without accessories

      When you found out that you are going to have a baby girl, it must have felt like a dream come true. You have been dressing up your dolls and Barbies when you were younger, but now you...

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      3 Ways to Dress a Baby for Summer

      A hand holding tiny baby’s feet while it sleeps.

      Choosing your baby's outfits for the hottest season is probably one of the tasks on your to-do list these days. There are certain aspects you should take into consideration, so it might seem a bit more difficult than...

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      Best Funny Baby Outfits

      two babies in cute onesies

      Finally, after nine months of waiting and anticipation, you are one family member heavier.  The anticipation was overwhelming. However, the feeling of being overwhelmed will not abandon you anytime soon. Taking care of a newborn brings many challenges...

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      Baby Clothes Size Chart

      Baby Clothes Size Chart
      Whether you are an expectant parent, or simply looking for a suitable gift for a little one you know, dealing with baby clothes sizes for the first time may put you in quite a conundrum. We bring several things you should...

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      Clothing Sizes You'll Need for a Newborn

      A pregnant woman holding baby’s sleepers
      Buying clothes for a baby that hasn't been born yet is a little bit tricky. Not even the doctors can determine the size of a baby precisely until he/she is actually out - so how should you know what size...

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