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Keeping kids entertained during rainy days

We all like getting fresh air and sunshine, but sometimes we get stuck inside due to bad weather and unexpected rain. Once they are indoors, kids can get cabin fever and you must be prepared and have some interesting activity up your sleeve to keep kids entertained during rainy days. Therefore, Baby Swag made a list of favorite inside kids' activities to get you inspired and to get all the necessary components so that when the rain starts, you are ready to go. As you go through our suggestions, you will find amusing activities for kids of any age. Find your favorite activities and enjoy the rainy days together.

A kid playing with flour

Let’s cook together

Since the kids are stuck at home, why not spend a day together making a family-favorite meal? The cook can be so much fun with your little assistant chefs. Give your little chefs a responsibility, whether it is mixing, slicing with supervision, or laying out the paper plates. Not only will your little ones feel important and useful, but they will also be proud because they helped to make something. If you are still not ready to tackle cooking a meal, then you should try a box cupcake mix and have fun decorating. It might seem simple, but kids will have so much fun.

Play Hide and Seek

Well, this is a simple game everybody knows, but little kids love simple games and love to play hide and seek. You don't need any other equipment but your home. Use the whole house and create your own rules. For example, you can tell kids to recite the alphabet instead of counting to ten. You know that it won't be too difficult to find the kids, since they will most probably pop out of their hiding place as soon as you enter the room or hide in a spot they just find you. Make the game more interesting and pretend they are impossible to find or call out funny sounds when they have a hard time finding you. The kids will get so excited when they hear a whistle and know they are getting close.

Have a Dance Party

When it comes to keeping kids entertained during rainy days, an old-fashioned dance party is a classic. An indoor dance party is a creative way to exercise with your kids and to release some of their endless energy with loud music. Turn the music on and dance around the house with your little ones, burn off suppressed energy and get some exercise. You can do this fun rain-day activity with kids' songs, but you can also play some pop and dance songs that are kid-friendly, of course. Kids love all kinds of music, the heavier the beat the better!

kids jumping

Fashion show spring clean

Putting a fun fashion show is a fun way to spend a rainy day and to spring clean the children's wardrobes. Pop some fun music on the stereo, place a lamp in your hallway to create a catwalk, and get your kids to walk pompously their stuff down the walkway you made. As they walk along the catwalk dressed stylishly, you should cheer them on from your audience chair place at the end of the hall. As they are walking down the aisle, you have a chance to decide whether each item is for the rag-bag or still fine to wear for another season. You must admit that decluttering has never been so much fun.

Family Movie Day

If you want to keep the kids entertained during rainy days, turn the room into your personal theater. There is no better way to spend a rainy day, than cuddling up with your kids. Get a blanket and a coffee table full of snacks and have a family movie day. Find a movie you all like, get comfortable, and enjoy the show.

Family Game Day

If you prefer to spend your family time during rainy days without a screen, then you can always play some classing board game. Whether you like getting real estate in Monopoly or resisting the treats in Candy Land, playing board games is a great way to spend a day with your little ones at home. Your kids will get a break from the TV, and they will also enjoy having you engage and play with them. If you have younger kids you can have your little ones play with you, or team up if your kids are a little bit older.

kids playing on the floor

Read a Book Together

Is there a better for reading a book, than a rainy day? Cuddle up with your little ones with their favorite book and read together. You can start reading a series together like Harry Potter and take turns reading or let them read to you to keep them focused and interested. You can also make a blanket fort, pull some flashlights, and read under the fort which will be a more exciting experience for kids.

Rainy days and bad weather can quickly leave kids feeling restless while stuck indoors. There is no playground, no park, no bike ride, and kids can feel trapped and full of energy they don’t have where to release. Sometimes it’s hard to come up with new ideas to keep kids entertained during rainy days, so we gathered a list of ideas to help you out. You can also use these amusing activities when you need something different to keep kids busy. So, have with your kids despite the weather conditions.
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