Dressing a stylish baby girl can’t go without accessories

Tips for dressing a stylish baby

When you found out that you are going to have a baby girl, it must have felt like a dream come true. You have been dressing up your dolls and Barbies when you were younger, but now you are going to have a real-life doll! Dressing a stylish little baby girl is going to be so much fun, but it can also be very challenging. You will have to find a perfect balance between comfort, style, and fashion. Your little baby has to look great, but it is very important that she feels comfortable. Therefore, we are giving you some useful tips for dressing a stylish baby girl.

Comfortable doesn't mean wearing pajamas

If you dress your baby girl in fashionable clothes, it doesn't mean that you compromise her comfort. Many mothers dress their babies in pajamas and bodysuits thinking that that is the right and only comfortable clothes for babies. However, your baby girl can be stylish and comfortable at the same time wearing cozy and fashionable onesies which you can match up with smart skirts or leggings. You can also try teaming up comfy leggings with a cozy sweatshirt dress and this will bring style to your baby dressing without cutting off the comfort.

A baby girl sitting on top of table


Keep it simple and go for bright colors

When you are dressing your baby girl, the important thing is to keep it simple and not to overdress her. You don't need to dress her in skirts and dresses with embellishments because the babies can find it very irritating, and what is more important, they can end up swallowing something. Therefore, keep your baby outfit elegant and simple, and go for vibrant and bright colors. So, if you find plain, elegant skirts in colors that are lovely and happy, your baby girl will be the queen of fashion.

Go with matching outfits

You have probably seen on Instagram so many adorable matching outfits of babies and moms, so why don't you try to wear the same outfit as your baby girl? You don't have to wear exactly the same clothes, but you can improvise from the clothes you already have, and you will most certainly look lovable and trendy. Just don't forget to wear the same hairstyle, and you will also have some charming pictures for your Instagram feed.

Mixing the patterns

Pattern mixing is not fun only for adults, but for the babies as well. Wear your baby in simple clothes such as top and leggings, but play with patterns. This is the easiest way to dress a baby for any occasion, and still, your baby will look stylish. However, you need to make sure that you use the patterns in the same color and your baby will be ready to eat, sleep, or play in a classy manner.

Layer, layer, layer

One of many moms' favorite ways to dress a baby girl is with leggings, onesie, skirt, and cardigan. This way of dressing up a baby girl is a little bit complicated because will have to make sure that all the colors and patterns go together. If you are looking for a perfect onesie, ar babyswag.com you will find a great one that will match perfectly with any skirt or cardigan. Dressing a stylish baby girl this way is also a great solution for all different types of weather. If it is autumn or winter, your baby will be warm. If it is spring or summer, just take off the cardigan and leggings.

A mom and a baby girl dressed in a matching outfits

For dressing a stylish baby girl you need to accessorize

Accessories are not only for grown-ups, they are for babies, too.  An accessory will immediately change the whole outfit of your baby girl. Although it can be a bit tricky to find tiny accessories, it will be worth the effort. A simple headband can transform any random outfit, and your baby girl will look stylish and cute. Plus, with a headband, you will make sure that your baby girl doesn't get confused for a boy. People love to see the baby girl with small headbands, belts, scarves, or hats. Everybody will be smitten with your baby girl

Also, you can turn the essentials, such as diapers and bibs into accessories. During summer, when you don't want to put pants on your baby, use colored diapers which are very cute and will brighten up any outfit. Bandana bibs are a necessity when your baby girl is teething, and they can look like a fun scarf and be a great accessory to your baby's outfit.

Go for a bigger size

Who says that you have to buy the right size of jeans? Try buying jeans and tops for your little one in a bigger size in slim cuts. Use a large top as a sundress now, and wear it as a top later. The same you can do with jeans - your girl can wear it cuffed now, regular when she is bigger, and as shorts later. This way, your baby girl will look in fashion and wear the same pair of jeans in three different ways. How smart is that?

Well, it is obvious that your baby girl doesn't know anything about fashion, but it doesn't mean she can't be fashionable. Dressing a stylish baby girl can be so much fun, and you will enjoy dressing her up. All you have to do is to think outside of the box because a size 2 shirt can be a perfect dress for your little princess. Paly with the clothes and your baby girl will be chic and dressed to the teeth.

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