Creative ways to exercise with your kids

Creative ways to exercise with your kids

Kids nowadays spend an excessive amount of time in front of the TV, computer, or simply sitting in a classroom. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, their movement is even more limited. Inactivity has many negative effects on our kid's well-being. When the kids are inactive they won't practice their motor skills and they will stop strengthening their hearts, lungs, and muscles. A sedentary lifestyle can lead them to obesity as well. So, how you can help your child to get daily physical activity? Baby Swag has collected some creative ways to exercise with your kids which will help your kids to lead an active lifestyle but you will also have a lot of fun doing these simple exercises together. 

Three girls dancing in a living room

Go for a walk

It doesn’t matter if you are heading into town, cruising the neighborhood or you are going for a nature walk in the park, walking doesn’t have to be boring. You can have fun sports games during the walk which will make walking more enticing. Find a short flight of stairs and run up and down or race with your kids to the nearest tree or house.  It is very important to build a walk into your daily schedule because it ensures that it won’t get put off.  

Turn the music on and have a dance party

Holding disco nights for your little ones can be so much fun! Set a stage, move the furniture aside, and fill the CD player with dance tunes. The only thing left is to crank up the volume and get moving and grooving together! For extra fun, dress kids with cool toddler graphic tees, kill the lights and turn on some fun lighting. You can also make up a dance to entire songs or kids can compete for the best dance move. Have fun and dance it out!

Household chores can be the perfect workout

This exercise will make your kids move, but it will also get you a clean home! Invent a game and pretend that you and your kids are superheroes who have to save the toys from dust creatures who are invading the earth. Your little superhero is here to save the day by capturing the creatures with the broom. Or turn a folding laundry into a guessing game. Ask your kiddos "Guess whose this is!", let them identify the clothing and help you fold them. It is fun for them, and you will get the tedious task of folding laundry done.

A toddler helping in the garden

Put the kids to work in the yard

The exercise ideas in the yard can vary each season. Autumn brings down leaves, so make a game out of catching them on a windy day – make your kids compete who can catch the most yellows, orange or red ones. After catching the leaves, make them into piles and let your kids have fun jumping in them. During winter, after a snowfall let your kids help you clear the porch or walkway, and then you can together make snow angels. This can be a great fun winter family activity in which everybody will enjoy. If you have older kids they can build a snowman or toss a few snowballs.

Make an obstacle course in your home

It is so easy to make an obstacle course in your home, which is one of the creative and fun ways to exercise with your kids. Couch cushions, pots, and pans, or any other household objects can be used to construct an engaging obstacle course. Stretch the blankets between the couch and coffee table so your little ones can crawl under it, or they can somersault across the room. When it is sunny and you want more room to move around, you can take this amusing play outside.

Team up for gardening

Kids adore playing with dirt and water, so why don't you let them mush their hands in the soil and help you in the garden. According to some research, gardening is as good as weight training and prevents osteoporosis, so it is a good reason to let your kids dig up dirt. Plant some vegetables together and let your little gardener help water the plants. In the summer, you can set up a sprinkler to water the lawn and challenge kids to run under the droplets.

kids running

Go to the playground

The playground has equipment that is fun for kids and that can provide a great workout for parents as well. Be creative and make your circuit routine using the equipment – climb up the steps, swing on the swings, race around the structure. Alternatively, you can bring a ball and play football with kids, or bring a yoga mat and get your poses and stretches in.  You will have so much fun together and do some serious workouts.

It is time to get moving

One thing that kids love the most is playing with their parents. Playing with your kids will bond you, get them excited, and, most importantly, it will lead to a workout that will burn a few calories and create infectious giggles. There are many creative ways to exercise with your kids that will improve their mood, learning, and physical health. Start implementing these fun exercising activities into your child's routine and emphasize the importance of being active. These activities might seem silly to you, but you will start laying the groundwork for a healthy and happy life for your kids.
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