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Creative Ideas For A Family Easter

After a long and cold winter, the first celebration of spring that everybody is looking forward to is Easter. The tulips are poking through and we are all preparing Easter eggs to dye together with the kids. Easter is one of the holidays when the whole family gets together having fun and creating lasting memories. There is nothing better than celebrating a holiday with friends and family, so Baby Swag has gathered some creative ideas for a family Easter. These are such simple things that will create precious moments you will cherish forever.

There are tons of creative ideas for a family Easter

Cook A Traditional Meal Together

Even though we are not able to have the extended family over this year due to the pandemic situation, it doesn’t mean we can’t host a traditional Easter feast with those we live with. Gathering around the table and spending quality time with family is important, but why not make Easter more fun and include the family in meal preparation. Get the products you need to make the kinds of meal you all love to eat and get the kids to help you. No matter if you have decided to put together a simple dish like a Sunday roast or perhaps you want to challenge yourself in the kitchen, kids can be very helpful. Give them chores like peeling the vegetables, cutting the potatoes, under the supervision of course, or setting the table. This will keep them entertained, and they will have a feeling proud and useful because they helped to make something important for the special holiday.  

Color Easter Eggs

No one would want to skip coloring Easter eggs. This is another fun activity that is good for all ages and where you can be very creative. This great activity brings a family together and all you need is a simple egg-dye kit. If you want to be even more creative and show your artistic side, use some of the ideas below:

  • Get some acrylic paints and create masterpieces on your eggs.
  • Use glue and glitter to make your eggs sparkle.
  • To create interesting patterns, put rubber bands around your eggs before dipping them in dye
  • Another way to make interesting patterns on your eggs is to use a white crayon before dipping eggs into dye. The dye won't take where the crayon markings are, thus creating a fun look.
  • Use stickers and add a special touch to your eggs when the dye dries.

Show your artistic side and use a creative way to color the Easter eggs

Do Some Craft Work

If you are looking for more works of art after the coloring-egg project is finished, you can get in a tackle with some craft projects. You can easily find tons of cute Easter-themed craft ideas and that is super fun for the kids. Plus, in these activities, every member of the family will enjoy and it is another great way to spend family time. Some of the fun creative ideas include:

  • Tissue paper flowers – they are so easy to make, and they can be amazing decoration even after Easter is over.
  • Pom-pom chicks – these little cheeks are adorable and make perfect Easter decoration. Find some orange felt and cut tiny legs and beaks and glue them onto yellow pom-poms. Add small eyes and admire your cute decoration.
  • Bunny-hats – Bunny hats are a classic that makes the holiday even more fun for everybody. Cut bunny ears out of white construction paper. Add some smaller inner ear on the front using pink construction paper or paint. Create a headband and staple the ears onto the band. Have fun wearing Easter ears all day long!

a mother and two daughters celebrating easter

Go on an Easter Egg Hunt

Easter egg hunt is the ultimate Easter tradition that simply can't be skipped. The egg hunt is an activity reserved for the kids, but adults enjoy the egg hunt as much as kids. Perhaps, your kids will not be able to attend the local Easter Egg Hung with their friends this year, but then they can have plenty of fun and excitement in your backyard. Hide the Easter eggs around the house and in your backyard and compete against each other who gets the most. If you have smaller children, you can get your little ones to play with your, or if they are a bit older you can team. The thrill of the hunt is guaranteed and you might be still finding eggs in your backyard for months.

Family Picture

Get dressed up for the Easter celebration and take a family picture in your Sunday best which you will cherish forever. To make your picture special, think like a photographer. Make all the necessary arrangements in your home or yard to capture the best Easter photo. To make the picture even more interesting, have coordinated outfits with your kids. It will be amusing for the kids, but more importantly, these memories are wonderful keepsakes.  

As you can see, there are many creatives ideas for a family Easter. Even if the community egg hunt is canceled and you are not able to visit your relatives, it doesn't mean you can't have a fabulous holiday. Bring brightness and plan some Easter fun for your family at home. Get your hand dirty doing arts and crafts, cook with your kids and go on the egg hunt in your backyard. Stay joyful and make a memorable day for your little ones. Enjoy the holiday together, and happy Easter everybody!
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