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5 ways to coordinate outfits with your baby

Baby clothes are incredibly cute, but baby clothes that also match mama's outfit are even cuter! Mommy and baby outfits are nowadays available from an abundance of different retailers for a variety of activities, and they represent sets of clothes or accessories that match mom and baby. You can find matching family pajamas, mommy and baby outfits for the holidays, parties, or just fun matching outfits that you can wear every day. Baby Swag offers you a bunch of adorable mom and baby outfits, but also outfits for the entire family. To help you find the charming outfit for you and your little one, we are giving you 5 ways of how to coordinate an outfit with your baby

With few basic pieces of clothes, you will  be able to coordinate outfits with your baby perfectly.

Where to start a search for mommy and me outfit? 

Before you start looking for the perfect Baby & Mom outfit, there are three things that you should pay attention to: 

  • Price. It is old news that kids grow fast. Therefore, when you start looking for coordinated outfits with your little one, it's important to consider the price, as well as how often your child will wear the outfit and how quickly will they grow out of it. For example, if you buying matching outfits for Christmas, you must know that your child might only be able to wear them for a month or so. However, if the outfits are not holiday-themed then they could last for an entire season
  • Occasion. Hoping to buy something that you and your little one can wear for a family photo shoot? Or do you want to find something you could both wear from time to time? Knowing the occasion you are buying matching outfits can help you find exactly what you are looking for
  • Your style. Knowing your style will help you find the items you love, given that there are numerous different matching outfits. Some of them are very matchy-matchy, others are more subtly, like matching socks. 

So, here are our 5 ways to coordinate with your little bundle of joy. 

Pair patterns with solids

A favorite way for many fashionistas to plan matching outfits is by pairing a pattern with a colorful solid. Solid color clothes can match a variety of patterns and no matter in which way you pair them they will look gorgeous! Also, it is important to emphasize, that this kind of clothes combination is perfect for father and son matching outfits. Dads and their boys will look too adorable in a shirt with interesting prints and pants or shorts in solid colors.  

A parent and a child with matching rainboots

With matching denim you will coordinate outfits with your baby to the max!

You don't have to match the entire outfit if you have a few basics that you pair with anything if you want to coordinate outfits with your baby. On some occasions, it can be easier to match with your kid when you have the same simple basics, like black denim bottoms for both you and your toddler. These simple and practical pieces of clothing will give you a head start and help you have perfectly matching outfits with ease

Have a subtle matchy combination

If you are not a person for matchy-matchy combinations and looking for a more subtle way to coordinate outfits with your little one, you can use accessorize to make adorable and perfect outfits. With matching headwear, you and your little one will look cute and simple for a photo you might want to put in a frame and hang it on a wall. If you are planning a sporty matchy outfit with your son, you can wear the same socks or hat and look lovable

Have matching outfits during the rainy days, too

Rainy days can be cheerful and colorful with matching rain gear! There are tons of options for matching outfits during the rain, and believe it or not, you can dress a stylish baby even when it's cloudy outside. Find the same raincoats in vibrant and bright colors or go for adorable and cheerful rain boots. Either way, you choose, you will have a perfectly coordinated outfit with your baby during the gloomy, rainy days. 

A dad and a baby have having adorable matching outfits for spending a day at the beach

Get creative

When it comes to finding matching outfits with your little one, you just have to be creative, express your style, and make your statement with your outfits. You should mix and match, try different styles and find the one that best suits you and your baby. Having coordinated outfits with your baby should be fun, and you should find matching outfits that can be worn a lot. 

 Having matching outfits with your baby has become trendy, desirable, and even obligatory! Nowadays, there are many photos on Instagram with moms and dads wearing matching outfits with their little ones, and they all look adorable and stylish. There are numerous ways for putting together cute matching outfits with accessories, shoes, or even pajamas. If you are starting the matching outfits journey with your little one, or you are looking for the ultimate matching combination, we hope that we have inspired you and that you will coordinate outfits with your baby with ease and joy.
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