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Advice: Father and son matching outfits

There are a lot of examples of beautiful mother and daughter matching outfits. Just look at Beyonce and Blue Ivy or Kate Middleton and Charlotte. These are the examples of mother and daughter twinning at its finest. However, we couldn’t help but wonder – Where are father and son matching outfits? We think that father and son matching outfits are underestimated and we want to change that. Here, we will show you how adorable these matching outfits could be and how to twin with your son. 

How to pull together father and son matching outfits?

The relationship and bond that father and son share is really special and unique. A son strives to be like his father and looks up to him, while the father makes every effort to provide a better future for his son. Finding perfect matching outfits for father and son can be a perfect way to show that one-of-a-kind relationship they have. So, you can start buying matching outfits for you and your son, just try to follow these simple instructions: 

  • You need to find outfits that are comfortable for both you and your little one, so always shop for quality toddlers' clothes
  • When twinning with your baby boy, you need to make sure that the fabric is made of 100% organic cotton, that is comfortable and soft since babies can easily get irritated with rough material
  • You don't have to wear the same outfits – matching outfits also means that you can mix and match colors and prints
  • You don’t have to wear the same shirt and pants – you can match just one same clothing item, for example; wear the same shirt, but different pants
  • Match your outfit according to the occasion, like shirts and pants for formal occasion or hoodies for casual wear
  • There will always be people who won't get the matchy-matchy trend, and that is fine. Don't care what other people think. You should enjoy a special time with your little guy because he will grow up in no time.

A father and son in matching outfits on a farm


Matching outfit ideas for you and your little buddy

Have you ever seen a grown man wearing a t-shirt that said: "Little nugget" or shorts with a dinosaur print on it? Never, exactly! So, when choosing father and son matching outfits, always dress son like father and not the other way around. Also, when you shop for outfits, go with classics, and you will both look stylish and age-appropriate. Here are some ideas for father-son outfits that will make your special moment memorable: 

Twinning outfit for family photos

 There is no better excuse for getting father and son matching outfits than a family photoshoot. You don't have to struggle while deciding what each family member should wear – for your son to choose the same button-down shirt and blue jeans as a dad. If you want to make your photos more interesting, choose sweaters in different colors for father and son. Kid’s fashion trends for fall/winter 2020 offer you a variety of warm, soft sweaters, so pick the color that your son loves and choose the different one for the father. They will look adorable! Also, you need to have the outfit that will draw attention, and that should be the mom's outfit. Because, to be honest, you are probably the one who organized this photo shoot in the first place.

 A father and a son looking happy


Dress smart for a wedding occasion 

When it comes to finding father and son matching outfits for a wedding, you should be careful and avoid too matchy combinations. If they have outfits that are identical head-to-toe, it can look a bit odd. Instead, dress your son in a long-sleeve shirt with an interesting print and for the father to choose the same shirt in a solid color. A dad can also wear a tie and for his little-me pick a bow-tie in the same hue. Just be careful, this father and son matching outfit can just be too adorable and they might accidentally steal the show. 

For summer days go with matchy white shirts

Before you take your little boy for a fun summer day together to enjoy ice cream, show him your love in a unique way, and wear a similar outfit. You don’t have to wear identical clothes. Instead, opt for a printed buttondown shirt, and for your son to get a tee with a similar print. Also, go for different colored pants and you will look charming.

A Father and son sitting on a bench


Twin with your baby boy anytime

Babies are just a delight to the eyes and dressing a stylish baby can be so much fun. You don’t need a special occasion to twin with your little munchkin. Grab yourself a tee with an interesting print and choose the same for your little buddy. You will look so cute, so don't forget to take a photo of you two in matching shirts! You will be glad to have this photo to remind you how adorable you looked. 

Like father, like son

Hopefully, we have proved to you that matching outfits are not only reserved for mothers and daughters. Dads and sons should have fun as well while finding a perfect father and son matching outfit. We can assure you that your little one will be proud and excited to have the same outfit as his good old dad. Remember that there are so many choices and so many matching ideas to choose from. No matter what matching outfit you pick, one thing is sure. Your son will love looking the same as the man he admires and looks after.
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