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5 Unexpected Gifts New Parents Love

If your friend is a new parent, then he or she has probably become the most selfless person you know. New moms and dads are too busy pouring their heart, soul, and finances into their tiny bundle of joy and they do not have time to indulge themselves. However, when you become a new parent, you need a little pampering and spoiling from time to time. If you want to surprise your dear friend, Baby Swag has great ideas for “just for me” gifts new parents will appreciate and love. Your new-mom BFF will more say she needs diapers or onesies, but the truth is she needs and deserves the spa day. Go through our list of 5 unexpected gifts new parents love, and find the perfect gift for the friend you love.

Food delivery or dine-in gift certificate

This great gift comes to mind to many people in the immediate weeks after delivery, but it is also a welcome gift throughout the entire first year of the baby. Providing a meal or two or twenty is always a cherished gift. When the baby comes home, you need a couple of weeks, or even months to adjust to a new normal, and don't have time to cook. When your baby grows up a little bit, your little bundle of joy will demand more of your time, and the hot, home-cooked meal will be your last thought. Therefore, food delivery or dine-in gift certificate will be the ideal, unexpected gift for all new parents out there. All you have to do is to choose the favorite restaurant of your friend and get the gift he or she will remember forever.

Food delivery a gift certificate is great unexpected gift new parents love

Robotic vacuum

New parents always need new baby onesies for their tiny little ones but trust us, they need more of a robotic vacuum cleaner. Let's face it – it is hard to hip-carry your 6-month-old baby while pushing around a vacuum cleaner. Plus, it is a chore no new parents love to do during baby nap, no matter much your little one might love the white noise of the vacuum cleaner. Sure, it’s an extravagant gift, but your mom or dad friend will be eternally grateful. And he or she is probably worth it. You can find some cheaper models that can still get the job done. This start-it-and-forget-it robotic cleaning device is just what every new parent needs.

Family photoshoot gift

It might surprise you to know that not all parents have their family photos taken, nor do they have the time to print their family photos. That's where you come in. Find a professional photographer and hire him to take family photos of your dear friend. You can make a deal with the photographer to arrange the photoshoot when your friend is available. This way you will give your friend memories that will last a lifetime. The only thing a friend of yours will have to worry about is what to wear for a family photo shoot.

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A helping hand

There are times when the most thoughtful gifts are not the ones you can hold in your hand. For new parents, the first months postpartum may seem like their whole house will fall apart, because they don't have time to think about everyday things, like changing a light bulb or cleaning the windows. That's why offering a helping hand, especially around special occasions or holidays can be a particularly precious gift. Here are some ideas:

  • Offer to do the laundry or wash dishes
  • Bring over tools for small repairs
  • Do a deep cleaning of the refrigerator or oven
  • Mow the lawn.

We are sure that this kind of gift will be very much appreciated, and it won't cost you a thing. Being there for your friend who has become a parent and helping him with the everyday stuff is something for which your friend will be grateful because of some gifts that money can't buy. 

A woman feeling relaxed and spending a day in a spa

Trip to the spa

This is a super thoughtful gift every new parent will adore. The truth is, new parents, suck at pampering themselves, but they all need and should indulge in a good relaxation massage and other self-care goodness. Surprise a new mam or dad by arranging a babysitter and planning a glorious day of rehabilitation and relaxation. Purchase a day package for two in a spa center, and sent your new-parents friends to have a day to remember. Your friend will appreciate this act of thoughtfulness and rest from everyday diaper-chaining activities.

The new parents in your life will appreciate any acts of kindness – no matter if they come wrapped with a pretty bow or it is just a visit. Sometimes the best gift is just an evening of adult conversation or a big pan of mac and cheese because this becomes a cherished commodity once the new bundle of joy arrives. We hope that these 5 unexpected gifts new parents love will give you an idea of how to surprise your dear friend. However, apart from getting a gift for a new mom or dad, don't forget that the best gift is just being there and reminding them that they’ve got this.
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