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What to wear for family photos?

You wanted to get family photos taken for a while now and decided not to prolong it anymore. The first thing you should do is to find the perfect photographer.  The other thing that is important when you want to have timeless photos taken is choosing the right clothing. Choosing the right outfit for the photo season can be a daunting and challenging task, but it doesn’t have to be! We have gathered tons of tips that will help you decide what to wear for family photos. You will be inspired, styled, and prepared to capture the special moments with your family

Moms chose your outfits first

Moms, let’s be honest – if you don’t like yourselves in the pictures, nobody will see that pictures ever! Plus, moms are the ones who are choosing the outfits for the whole family anyway, so start with your outfit first and build upon that. Make sure that you feel comfortable and that you love what you are wearing. A good choice can be a dress that is flattering and has a fitted waist. Try to avoid swing dresses, because one gust of wind and you may look bigger than you are. In case you don't like dresses, there is a skirt and top combination. The important thing is to opt for a more dresser look and high-quality fabrics because they look better in photos. Also, choose the color you like and build from there. 


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Chose color palette and avoid matching combinations

Now, when you have decided what you are going to wear, it's time to decide on a color palette. The general rule says that you should pick 2 or 3 colors that complement each other to make your pictures more interesting. However, try to avoid overly matchy-matchy combinations, so don’t wear, for example, the same color top as your spouse, or don’t dress your girls in the same matching dresses if they are not twins. If you have twins, the rule doesn’t apply and you can pick some adorable matching twin outfits

Add variety and limit patterns

If you want to add interest to your photos and give them a little bit of depth, combine the primary colors with subtle patterns and texture. Patterns and textures can add another dimension to your photos, however, you need to be careful. If you have large and bold prints, they can be a distraction. The point of family pictures is to show your faces, and not to let them be overpowered by loud patterns. Women's clothes tend to have more patterns and prints, so moms and daughters will be more tempted to wear them for family photos.   


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To add variety, try playing with layers. Go with vests, jackets, sweaters, or tall socks under boots. This can be a great opportunity to incorporate your colors and to add patterns

What your kids should wear for family photos? 

When it comes to dressing your little ones, you will have to pay attention to a few things. First, try to avoid dressing your kids in short dresses, because they can easily ride up. Kids will spend most of the photo session playing, jumping, and running around, so they need an outfit that is comfortable and play-time appropriate. The next thing you should do is try to hide diapers if you want to dress a stylish baby. Longer shirts or onesies can be a great choice, or bloomer pants can help as well. And finally, you should be very careful with accessories. Usually, kids don’t want to wear scarves or hats and they will take them off or try to hide behind them. Keep in mind that the outfit is not important. The important thing is that you are going to make a lifetime memory and capture the moments of your family. Just enjoy your photo session and go with the flow. 

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What not to wear?

When it comes to making family photos that you will love and cherish for the rest of your life, you need to be stylish. Therefore, we need to mention that there are some pieces of clothing that you should stay away from and shouldn’t wear for family photos. So, try to avoid the following: 

  • Unfitted t-shirts or sport top
  • Any type of clothing that has a logo or graphics
  • Any type of hat, because the hat will leave a shadow over your eyes
  • Sleeveless shirts or strapless tops are recommended not to wear for family photos because the skin on our arms is usually lighter than our faces
  • Short dresses, because you won’t be able to pose comfortably. If you can’t comfortably sit on the ground in the dress, it would be better to choose a longer dress or opt for pants. 

Now you are ready for your family photoshoot!

Now you are all dress up, looking fancy and fabulous! You see that deciding what to wear for family photos is not that difficult as you might think. There are just a few rules you need to follow, but the rest is up to you. You are free to mix and match styles, to show your personalities. Add some neutral colors, and your family pictures will become timeless and will still look great 30 years from now. Just make sure that each family member arrives at to photo session feeling confident.

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