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Fashion tips for mom and daughter

Getting a daughter is one of the most amazing, incomprehensible feelings ever. It’s only natural that you’re looking for a way to celebrate your happiness and show how proud you are to be a parent of an amazing girl! Are you looking for fashion tips for mom and daughter and new ways to bond with your girl? You’re in the right place! Learning to enjoy every phase of your daughter’s life is crucial. Happiness is found in small, everyday things. Matching outfits are the first things that come to mind, but there are many more options that you can try. You can often see the pictures of mothers and their toddlers or small kids on Instagram. They wear matching outfits and showcase how amazing being a mom is. To dive into the world of fashion tips that will help you bond with your mini-me, keep on reading. 

a mom with a toddler girl

Dress for comfort! 

Have you thought of getting an onesie? There are a lot of cool baby onesies available in many different colors and patterns. They all seem super cozy - so why not get one for you? Onesies are a great piece of clothing that’s comfortable and children love them. Your onesie outfits are perfect for a day inside a house filled with play and coziness. If your onesie resembles a cute animal, you can play pretend. Comfortable clothes won’t only remove the need to constantly fix the look, it will add to the feeling of freedom. Of course, your “comfortable” look doesn’t need to contain an onesie - you can put on a pair of sweatpants and a cozy tee and you’re ready for the comfortable bonding day! 

Get inspired by more fashion tips for mom and daughter! 

If you find yourself constantly running out of ideas, you can always turn to other resources like blogs. It’s okay to find inspiration in the places outside of ourselves. For example, you can take a look at our Tips for dressing a stylish baby post - you’ll find many useful tips for dressing up your baby girl, and you may even find that some of the tips can be applied to your style as well! Informing ourselves about the ways we can keep our babies happy and have fun, without sacrificing comfort, is the key.  The balance between comfort and fun is crucial to both your and your baby’s happiness. In one indirect way, kids drive us to become better people. That’s one of the joys of parenthood - you learn and relearn so many things every day. 

Dresses are both beautiful and convenient

Dresses, especially for girls, are always a good choice. Dresses are easy to put on and don’t require any additional matching. When wearing a shirt, you’ve got more problems - you have to pick the skirt or the leggings to match it. With a dress, your daughter will feel like a princess and you’ll be able to put it on her in no time. It’s also easy to bring a replacement dress in case she gets a bit dirty. They fit easily into a bag and don’t take up a lot of space. Many dresses don’t get wrinkled because the materials that they are made of already count on children sitting, crawling, and playing in them. 

baby girl wearing a cute dress

Experiment when looking for new outfits 

If you and your baby girl wear outfits that have complementary colors, you’ll look colorful, fresh, thoughtful and no picture ever taken of you and your daughter will ever look bad. The same goes for patterns: You don’t have to be wearing the same patterns, but if you’re both wearing dresses with a pattern and a hat, you will radiate happiness. Not to mention that they are usually colorful and bright which girls love. You can watch a cartoon, and if you notice an accessory that your daughter’s favorite princess is wearing, offer to make or get one for her! She will be delighted, and you can always go a step further and get one ( or something similar ) for yourself as well.

What about accessories?

If your daughter likes using your makeup or she’s fascinated with colors and your accessories, maybe she’ll be delighted to have a matching one with you. Even if she doesn’t, dressing her up, and yourself can always be solved easily with little accessories. 

Accessories that you can incorporate in your routine: 

  • Headbands - They always look cute and come in many different colors and go great with cute toddler shirts.
  • Hats - Besides protecting from the sun, hats will make your girl look like a little lady. 
  • Crunchies - Crunchies can be worn both as bracelets and as the hair tie. Many different crunchies are featuring diverse patterns, colors, and materials. 
  • Bracelets - They are big enough so that your girl won’t eat it, but not big enough to bother her. 
  • Bags or backpacks - When looking for fashion tips for mom and daughter, don’t forget about bags or backpacks. Backpacks look very cute when combined with any type of outfit.

a cute baby girl

Getting your daughter a bag

When looking for more fashion tips for mom and daughter, it’s important to be creative. Don’t just follow the tips blindly - apply them. Change them up according to your daughter’s personality. If you have a daughter that’s old enough to wear a small bag - chances are that she will love it, especially if you do it. That way, she feels like an adult and gets a confirmation that she has items that she can carry with herself. Remember to keep her bag small, light and colorful.You’ll be delighted to see her flowers, toys or self-made bracelet inside. Aren’t they so cute?! You can also put her “necessities” inside, like a small piece of candy and tissues. When giving her a bag, remember to always include a small, thoughtful gift.
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