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Creative Monthly Milestone Baby Photo Ideas

Parenting, although often difficult and demanding, is a wonderful job that many cannot wait to have. It has a lot of perks and it brings you a lifetime of joy and memories. Some memories just happen to stay with you forever and others you make sure to capture so that they can last an eternity. You surely have many photos of when your baby was born and you will have many more photos as time goes by. Yet, wouldn't it be lovely to have special photos every month to capture how your baby is growing and developing? Because most mothers like to have these memories captured as special ones, we will give you some lovely monthly milestone baby photo ideas that you can use to make these moments last forever.

How can you make a monthly milestone baby photo special?

As we have mentioned, you will probably have many photos of your baby. Every day, week, month, and year for the rest of your life. Still, you would probably like to have a special photo session or at least one special photo every month as a milestone mark. The question is, what can you do to make this photo special? Use matching mom and baby onesies? Create settings from cartoons? Well, luckily, we have some lovely ideas that you just might find interesting, fun, and cute.

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Find a theme that means something to you

Finding a theme for the photo is both fun and cute. It can be something season-related. For example, if it is Christmas, it is only logical to make everything Christmas-related, right? Who does not like a baby in a small Santa suit, or a small and cute Christmas baby onesie, surrounded by reindeer, or anything similar? You can also find something that was an achievement for y6our baby during that particular month. Think about the food that your baby is starting to eat and about everything that has changed during the past month. Since babies make progress quickly, you will have a ton of ideas to think about and consider. 

Find proper clothes for the theme you have chosen

Parents usually love this part the most because it is fun, cute, and wonderful, all at the same time. After you have chosen a theme for your monthly milestone photo, you will have to choose the perfect outfit for your baby. This part is something we can help you with the most. You can always visit our website and see all kinds of different badass baby clothes. Whether you have a cute little girl or a funny little boy, we have something that you will love. You should decide whether you want to go for the funny photo or perhaps the cute photo. All of this will have an impact on your choice of clothing.

You will need the perfect background setting

Well, this is the grand finale, more or less. The background setting will completely show the theme and make everything magical. We recommend having a number somewhere visible. The number of months your baby is going to have on the day you take the photo. That is the point of this monthly milestone photo. To have one or more photos of your baby showing the number of months it is old and in a special setting. Now, this is all about organization and ideas. You can ask your friends and family to help you out with some details. You can, even, ask them to be in the photo. All of you can have matching onesies and that would create a wonderful memory in every way. Now, to continue. The magic is in the detail, therefore, consider including things like:

  1. Stuffed toys your baby has come to love in the past month.
  2. Dimmed lights or sparkling details in the background.
  3. The number of months your baby is currently old placed somewhere visible and emphasized in a cute day.
  4. Having a pet participate in the photo session.
  5. Having each family member holding the baby each month you take this monthly milestone baby photo.
  6. If you are from different countries, you can create a mix of traditions in one photo and create a lovely atmosphere that can be both cool and funny.

How to calm down your baby in order for you to take these photos?

Actually, the best part of this is that you do not have to calm the baby down at all. It would, actually, be very funny and spontaneous if the baby was acting however it wants to act. On the other hand, if you want everything to be planned out and you really need your baby calm, you can always take the photos when it is nap time. If not, if you need the baby awake, you can simply try and focus its attention on all of the decorations. If everything else fails, someone should try and make silly faces, noises, or anything else that will grab the attention of the baby behind the camera. 

A monthly milestone baby photo for the mothers to be

Now, if you are creating a monthly milestone photo while you are still pregnant, nothing changes. You can just use all of these ideas on yourself. Dress up, involve the family and some friends, create a background setting based on what you have eaten, what you have done, or anything else really. Choose something that is special to you and create the best photos you can. Since there will probably be 9 of them, you can even organize in advance and prepare everything so that you can hang those photos on the wall very soon. Just do not forget that the last milestone photo must contain the newborn baby.

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We believe that your monthly milestone baby photo will be lovely after all

Now that we have given you some perception and certain ideas, we can leave you to your work. A monthly milestone baby photo is supposed to be something you love and enjoy. Therefore, in the end, what is important is for you to have a memory of something, and the way everything looks is not as important as that. Above all else, we hope you have a wonderful time making all of this happen because that is how real memories are made and they will surely last you a lifetime and beyond. 

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