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Matching T-Shirts for Grandma and Grandchild Ideas

The bond grandparents have with their grandchildren is truly something special. It is strong and the love they have for your kids is somewhat different than yours. Grandparents are usually the ones to allow everything to their grandkids. They let them have sweets before dinner, and stay up later than usual. So why not take the opportunity to get clothing that reflects the relationship between a grandparent and a grandchild? Matching t-shirts for grandma and grandchild are a great example! There are so many cool toddler clothes out there, but none that are as cool as matching shirts with your grandma. Read on and get a few ideas you can order for yourself or gift a family member or a neighbor to show them that you care!

What kind of matching t-shirts for grandma and grandchild can you get?

First of all, let's start with the youngest grandchildren. There is nothing cuter than newborns in unique baby onesies! Buying baby clothes that fit your style is one of the tasks that every family member loves to do. Why should you dress your children in boring onesies and shirts, when you can custom order something cute and quirky? Moreover, it doesn’t have to be only for the baby – all family members can get a matching shirt to fit the baby’s onesie! Let’s give you some ideas, to begin with.

grandparents with grandchildren

Ideas for cute prints you can share with your grandchildren

Playing with words is something we all love. Who will say no to a great pun once in a while? For instance, parents have taken on a trend of using puns as a punchline for their kids’ birthday parties. Taco Twosdays is a great theme for your toddler’s second birthday party. You can then get toddler shirts with sayings for them to wear during the party. These will be both comfy and look great in family photos for years to come!

On the other hand, if they have a sibling that also wants a taco-themed shirt, that’s not an issue. There are plenty of ideas to choose from! Not only that, but the kid can match shirts with their grandma as well and make everyone smile at the party. Grandma could have a shirt that says “Taco” and the grandchild can wear a shirt or an onesie that says “Taquito” with matching graphic prints of said food. Mexican food is the theme of the party – why stand out when you can blend in?

Matching t-shirts for grandma and grandchild don’t have to be boring!

A little humor never hurt anyone, and all grandmas should embrace this and order some of the awesome Baby & Grandma matching sets. Even though grandparents love their grandchildren with all their hearts, we all know that they can tire you out really quickly. Some people joke that there is a reason why grandmas don’t have babies. It is because they simply can’t keep up with the energy of an excited baby or a toddler. Loving on your grandkids is great because you can spend a lot of time with them, but don’t get overwhelmed and tired (like their parents do!).

grandma making bead with a grandchild

Another example of toddler graphic tees you can get to match with your grandchild and reflect this situation is the following: a shirt for the child that says “Exhausting” and a shirt for the grandma (or grandpa) that says “Exhausted”. While this can be both for parents and for grandparents, it’s nevertheless a very unique gift you can get for a close family member.

Lullabies are something every grandparent needs to know when the baby arrives

There is rarely a baby that doesn’t calm down when it hears a parent or a grandparent singing them a song. Whether it is a traditional lullaby that has been sung to babies for generations or a popular song, it doesn’t matter. What a baby hears is the soft voice of someone that loves them very much. One of the songs that most people sing to their children at least once is “You are my sunshine”. This song came out decades ago, in 1939, and it is still hugely popular to this day.

Moreover, you can make matching shirts for you and your grandchild reflecting your love for this song! The proud grandma can get a shirt saying “You are my sunshine”. The child can continue the lyrics, with the onesie/shirt saying, “My only sunshine”. On top of that, a cute graphic sun with a smiley face can stand instead of the letter “o” and make it an even cuter tee set for grandma and grandchild.

a grandma blowing candles with grandchildren

Other ideas you can use to match with your favorite grandchild

We’ve only mentioned a few ideas that we think are great for you and your grandchild. However, there are tons more to choose from! Here are a few other great options you can print on your shirt and your grandchild’s as well:

  • Grandmother of a princess/prince + granddaughter/grandson of a queen is a great shirt to give as a gift, so you can show the grandma that she truly is important in your life.
  • It’s the little things in life + a baby onesie that says little thing
  • A pizza with a cutout slice + a toddler shirt with the missing slice on it
  • Bad influence + a baby onesie or a shirt that says My grandma is a bad influence
  • And to finish off with a song every parent on this planet knows – a shirt that says Grandma shark, matched with an infant onesie or a shirt saying Baby shark.

In either case, these cute matching t-shirts for grandma and grandchild will bring a smile to everyone’s face! They are cute and trendy and let everyone know who has the greatest grandma in the world.

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