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The Best Fabrics For Baby Clothes: Comfort & Practicality

Picking clothes for your baby seems like an easy enough task. There are so many choices and options, and on the plus side, they are all so adorable! From cute graphic baby onesies to cool toddler shirts and dresses, your baby can be chic and comfortable at the same time. However, there is one catch. Not all baby clothes are made out of comfy and practical materials. Some are adorable but not at all comfy for your child. Others are very comfy but don't look so cute. What if we'd told you that there are some that can combine both? Read on to find out what are the best fabrics for baby clothes you can get as a new parent.

What are the best fabrics for baby clothes out there?

First things first, you have to consider what's best for your baby's skin. The younger the child is, the more sensitive their skin is. They are prone to react if their clothes are not soft and comfortable. The skin can break out in rashes and spots if it's too harsh or scratches on their little arms and legs.

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Moreover, newborns have an umbilical cord stump that is extremely sensitive and newborn baby onesies should be made out of very soft fabrics. For very early days, organic cotton clothes prove to be the best for most babies' soft skins. They won't irritate them and are extremely comfortable. Even if you want to get mom and baby matching onesies, there is no reason you shouldn't get a soft shirt for yourself either!

The reasons cotton may be the best material for baby clothes you can get

Cotton is a fabric that is very absorbent and soft. It's twisted in such a way that it makes the clothes soft to touch and comfortable for everyday use. Even cool toddler clothes can be comfortable and easy to wash, as we all know that little kids need to be changed a few times during the day. When you get onesies and shirts that are made out of organic cotton, you can rest assured they will stay soft and cozy even after multiple washes. Your baby's sensitive skin can breathe and the best fabrics for baby clothes will not stick to their skin either.

Other characteristics of cotton you should know before buying baby clothes

  • Organic cotton doesn't contain ammonia and petroleum, which are commonly used to whiten the clothes. Synthetic fibers that adults wear normally contain these, but they can be very toxic to young babies.
  • It is hypoallergenic, meaning that your baby's skin is less likely to break out when they are wearing cotton clothes.
  • It also absorbs moisture really well, keeping the baby dry for a longer period of time.
  • Cotton is a great material for all seasons - during summer, it will not stick to the baby's skin and it will cool them off. Also, during winter, it will provide more warmth and can withhold low temperatures as well.
  • Durability is maybe one of the best qualities of cotton. It can be worn for years and years and passed on to younger siblings. When you get baby clothes made out of the right material, it won't become fuzzy or disfigured when you wash it in the washing machine. It'll stay just as soft and stretchy as it was the day you brought it home from the store.
  • It's biodegradable, making it a very environmentally-friendly clothes material.  We all want to stay comfy while reducing pollution in the world!
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Babies need to wear stretchy clothes - here's what you should get

As you probably know, once babies start to move, they will be all over the place. Rolling on the floor, crawling, and climbing onto furniture is their best way to spend the extra energy. The clothes they wear will make all the difference.

They shouldn't restrict their movement or make it easy for them to get stuck in something. Stretch fabrics are the best for this age. Jersey knit is the perfect choice for this. It'll make your boys want to wear their funny toddler boy shirts every single day! If they can play and get dirty without worrying they will destroy their clothes, they'll have so much more fun.

Are there any soft fabrics you can use for blankets and swaddles?

When it's time to buy clothes for your newborn, you'll realize there are more options than just onesies, leggings, and shirts. Little ones also need soft blankets and swaddles, especially when you're going on walks in the brisk fall weather. For these pieces, you don't need to get cotton. Minky material is the perfect solution for this, as it is a polyester knit fabric with a plush that is so soft to touch. You can't resist these even for yourself! They'll keep the baby warm in their stroller and they come is awesome designs as well.

Fleece is also a great option for blankets as well. It dries quickly and is very soft to touch. Best of all? It's super easy to wash and handle. Both Minky and fleece can be used to make soft plushie toys for the little ones as well.

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What about gauze?

Gauze is one of the best fabrics for baby clothes as well. It's ideal for swaddles and light covers when it's still warm outside. Some people also refer to it as muslin, so the labels in the store shouldn't confuse you. They come in single or double layers, and really cute prints as well. Read the prints carefully, as the quality of gauze products won't be the same for every item in the store.

So, whether you are looking to find baby girl onesie sayings for your newborn or durable material for your toddler's shirt, don't worry. There are plenty of choices in fabrics for baby clothes out there, and your baby can stay comfortable and look cute at the same time! On top of it all, these materials are easy to wash and care for, which is something every parent wants to hear.

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