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5 Tips and Tricks To Dress Up Your Child Fashionably During Winter

Winter is here, and you are probably worried about how to keep your little ones warm, safe, and comfortable throughout this chilly season. Dressing kids for a chilly winter can be tricky because their smaller bodies lose heat rapidly, and they are less likely to realize they are getting cold. This means that you, as a parent, have a job to keep them warm. To keep your kids warm during winter while keeping them chic and stylish, Baby Swag has some tips and tricks to dress up your child fashionably during winter.

1.      Winter layering

When deciding how to dress a toddler and what toddler winter wear to choose, bear in mind that you need to keep your little one warm, but they also need to feel cozy and able to move. The thin layers underneath your child outwear will trap in warmth. When dressing up your child fashionably during winter opt for tops made of pure organic cotton or merino wool which will feel good on your little one’s sensitive skin. There are three basic layers you should know:

  • Base layers – the layer right next to your kid’s skin and you should look for is wool or synthetic fabrics
  • Middle layers – the layer that goes over the base layer and you should look for wool or fleece that will fit close to the body without restraining movement
  • Outer layer – the layer that will protect your child from snow and wind, and it should be made of waterproof material and should allow easy movement and have enough space for layers.

Layers are important when dressing up your child fashionably during winter

Try to steer clear from bulky sweaters which will prevent your kid to move around easily. Also, make sure that your kid’s socks aren’t so thick that your toddler’s snow boots don’t fit. To make your little one look fashionably and stylish, add a coat in bright color and your little one will be warm and look modern. If you notice that your little one is sweating, has flush cheeks, or breath rapidly, then you should remove a layer of clothing because these are all the signs of overheating.

2.      Find a snowsuit that suits your toddler

You might think that snowsuits are not fashionable and can’t look chick, but you are wrong. There are so many cute snowsuits that will make your little one stylish, but more importantly, your little one will be fully equipped for fun winter family activities. When deciding which snowsuit to buy, opt for wind and water-resistant outer shell, such as nylon, and with warm material on the inside. The next thing you should pay attention to is the zipper which should run down to the knee or ankle to provide taking the snowsuit easier. This is especially convenient when it's time for a potty break. Make sure that the cuffs fit tightly around the ankles and wrists to prevent snow and cold to sneak in.

3.      Choose mittens

If you have ever tried to put a glove on a toddler's hand, you probably know that that is not an easy job at all. That's why you should stick with mittens. They are the perfect additional stylish accessory, and they are easier to slip on and warmer than gloves because they keep fingers closer together. As snowsuits, mittens also have a warmer inner lining and water-resistant outer shell. When dressing up your child for winter activities, slip-on mittens first, before you put your child's snowsuit on, and this way the mittens will stay in place.

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4.      Dressing up your child fashionably during winter can’t go without a warm hat

A hat is a vital item in a toddler's winter-weather wardrobe. A hat is a great fashion accessory, but it is also very important in regulating body heat. If your little one has yet to sprout a full head of hair, that hat is an obligatory item during wither outdoor activities. No matter if your kid's snowsuit has a hood, a close-fitting hat is a better choice. Pick a soft-wool knitted hat with ear flaps. This kind of cap can look pretty cool, and yet it will keep your little one warm.

A boy dressed up fashionably for fun winter activities

5.      Boots and wool socks

Boots will keep the feet of your sweetie warm and dry, and that is why it is important to choose waterproof boots. Besides, boots are very easy to match with almost every outfit, and they look very fashionable. You can easily pair it with dresses, leggings or jeans and you can choose knee boots or ankle boots. The wool sock will additionally keep the legs of your little one warm. Stylish socks are the perfect fashion touch that will make your little one stands out.

Dressing up your child fashionably during winter is a very challenging task. It is not easy to make your kids fully protected from the cold and snow, and, at the same time, make them look stylish and smart. Hopefully, our kid winter clothes guidelines will help you keep your little one warm and comfortable, and make them look presentable and chic.
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