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Cute But Comfy: How To Dress A Toddler

Dressing a toddler can be fun in so many ways. They often have their own suggestions and requirements you would have never thought of, which is exactly what makes it so great. On the other hand, the little ones can be rather opinionated about their outfits that they can drive you crazy when it is time to get ready in the morning. Be that as it may, the parents should try to choose clothes that are cute but comfy, so let's try to find the answer to - How to dress a toddler?

Comfort is a must

Every kid is beautiful, so there is really no need to go out of your way to make them look even more so. But, let's be honest, every parent likes to see their child looking cute and getting compliments on their choices of outfits. What is important for the kid is that the clothes they wear are:

  • clean - even if your child insists on wearing their favorite piece of clothes day after day after day, you are the one who decides when those should be washed and replaced;
  • made of materials that are pleasant and natural - a child cannot feel comfortable in an itchy or scratchy garment, neither can you, but that is a different story;
  • a good fit - clothes that are too small don't keep your child warm or cool enough which is why we put our clothes on in the first place. On the other hand, garments that are too big can prevent your kid from moving freely or they may cause them to stumble while moving. And, needless to say - it is important for them to run and move freely.

How to dress a toddler - don't force them to wear something they don't like

Making your little girl wear dresses or forcing your son to be in jeans he doesn't feel comfortable wearing is simply not acceptable. They are perfectly able to express themselves. Think about it - there are probably some clothing items you don't like wearing.

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Instead of making them like something that they don't, include them in the decision-making process. The stuff they refuse to wear can be donated or left for younger siblings. You can even sell them if you want to. Use that money to buy new items your kid will be happy to wear.

Invest in quality stuff

Quality stuff will last longer - it is just as simple as that. Nowadays, you can choose from hundreds of brands selling clothes for toddlers. Some are ridiculously expensive, while some remain suspiciously cheap. We believe that the best choices are somewhere in the middle. You can get high-quality kid's items at reasonable prices online. Since that has been our preferred type of shopping in the previous several months and it will remain so probably for a while, there are some things you should pay attention to before placing your order.

Double-check the size

You should always check the clothes size chart. Every manufacturer has its own charts, so if you want your purchase to be the perfect fit, take a few minutes to measure your kid's current clothes and compare them to the sizes given in the chart. That is the safest way to know you won't make a mistake.

Only the best fabrics are comfortable enough for a toddler

Pay attention to the fabrics the clothes are made of. When you are buying stuff in person, you can touch and feel the material, but when making an online purchase, you have to rely on the description that is given. The best fabrics for baby clothes bring comfort and practicality, why would you buy anything less than that for your toddler?

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Organic is the best choice if you are looking for comfort for your little boy or a girl. The clothes made from organic cotton, for instance, will never irritate your kid's skin and they will practically grow with him/her. The material is stretchable and it can endure many washing cycles. Now, you might say that you don't need your kid's clothes to last as long as yours do since the child will outgrow them quickly, but that's where you are wrong. It is better to have a few staple pieces that you know your child feels good in and wash them more frequently than to have a closet full of stuff that are not so comfy or that will prevent your kid from moving freely.

Buy clothes that are easy to mix and match when your task is to dress a toddler

How many times have you bought a piece of garment that you simply weren't able to combine with anything else from your closet? Don't let that become a practice when dressing your toddler too. When it is time to refresh their clothes you should first check what items are still wearable and then buy the new ones that match. If you just want to play it safe - you can always pick items that are white or grey. They are easy to combine with pretty much anything. Moreover, they are gender-neutral which can be practical if you are planning to have more children or if you simply want to give the item away once your child outgrows it. White is great for many occasions, especially for making cute children birthday outfits.

Some extra tips

Getting ready to leave the house with a toddler can be a nightmare. Quite often they will argue about the clothes you have picked out for them. That's why our advice is to prepare everything before your child goes to bed and ask them to approve. You will save yourself a lot of nerves and you won't be late for work in the morning.

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Making a weekly plan of outfits is the most practical piece of advice, so apply it if you can.

If your toddler is the one who likes to pick their outfits, give them a choice of just two combinations, that will save you some time too.


Toddlers like to play and explore the world around them and that is why they need clothes that will support them in their adventures. They also need to feel beautiful in what they are wearing, so make sure you tick that box too by buying items that are cute but comfy. If these two requirements are met, you have found your answer to the question - How to dress a toddler?
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