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7 useful and adorable Christmas gifts for toddlers

Christmas is just around the corner, and you might be clueless as to which Christmas gifts you should buy for your little one(s). The fact is, toddlers are more clever and opinionated that we sometimes give them credit for. As a consequence, finding the right gift for your toddler is not an easy task. For this reason, we have reviewed and selected some of the most popular toys on the toy market for your convenience. Let us take a look at 7 useful and adorable Christmas gifts for toddlers.

What constitutes a useful and adorable Christmas gifts for toddlers?

As we mentioned, toddlers are clever little humans. Alongside this, they can be quite picky. So, buying clothes for your toddler can be less challenging than buying toys and games that will interest them. 

Also, sometimes it happens that toddlers prefer the box better than the toys they unpack. Of course, we will never know what instigates toddlers to be fascinated by cardboard boxes and wrapping materials. As it might be somewhat frustrating to see that the toy is completely ignored, we have selected toys that are great and interesting for little kids. So, the toys in this list have stood the test of toddlers' short attention spans. 

So, let us take a look at what 7 useful and adorable Christmas gifts for toddlers of any gender are.

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  1. Fun racetracks or toy cars are perfect for toddlers

A nice, fun, and well-designed racetrack can be fun for the whole family, not just your toddler. First of all, the chances that your toddler will be mesmerized with it are huge. Alongside the fact that toy cars are colorful, entertaining, and potentially a source of a lot of time spent together with your kid, they are also beneficial for developing advanced control of motor skills in children. 

How does this work? Essentially, when the child is instigated to place the cars on the racetracks or, for instance, within certain lines on the carpet, they are utilizing a number of cognitive and motor skills to do so. So, through play, the toddler practices its task-oriented cognitive processing.

Next to this, toy cars are simply fun. Some toy cars can move on their own, or via simple remote controls, can be placed on racetracks that plays songs and sounds when they slide across the tracks, you can even bring them with you to the park... With a little creativity, the options are really endless. 

Recommended ages: 1 to 5-year-olds

  1. Bath books

Bath books are perfect for toddlers because these books can shift color when immersed in water. This creates an illusion that looks magical to little children. Also, choose bath books that have cutesy illustrations of basic vocabulary - animals, fruit, vehicles, flowers... Bath books usually do not have a lot of text, which is convenient for teaching words to very little children. This makes bath books with shifting colors perfect for developing interest in books and the world around us. 

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If you notice your kid really likes these books, be sure to take a look at versions which can work outside of the bath. For instance, some books can be drawn onto with watercolors, others can change the color of the pencil, etc. 

Recommended ages: 1 to 3-year-olds

  1. A pull sled

Since it is nearing Christmas time, you might want to consider buying or making a pull sled for your toddler. This toy is a classic, and something that can be used and inherited for decades. There are sleds which are specifically designed for toddlers. That means that the size and weight are appropriate and that they are made of safe, eco-friendly materials such as wood or hypoallergenic plastic. A sled that is perfect for toddlers has to have a seat for comfort and safety, and ideally, you might even want to buy a version with a seat belt.  

Recommended ages: 1.5 to 3-year-olds

  1. Two piece puzzle

You might have given your child peg puzzles or other simpler versions of this all-time favorite children's game. Puzzles have a timeless appeal that has made it one of the first and most loved games for children of all ages. This is because they offer your child to have fun while processing and connecting shapes, colors, and concepts that are pictured on the puzzle pieces. 

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Recommended ages: 2-year-olds and above

  1. Coloring pads that can be colored on and reused 

So, as we know, coloring and drawing is one of the most fun and loved activities for children. Most children are attracted to colors and drawing even in the prelinguistic period of development. For this reason, you want to make sure that you exploit this innate interest in coloring. 

However, sometimes it happens that toddlers draw beyond the designated areas for drawing once they fill out the page. To keep the walls in your home color-free, be sure to buy coloring pads with reusable boards that can be wiped out and drawn on multiple times. 

Recommended ages: 3-year-olds and above

  1. A picnic play set 

Picnic play sets or small-scale kitchen sets are perfect for kids almost since birth. They help kids learn about different shapes, items, ways to offer and say thanks, how to share, etc. 

So, try out smaller sets and see what your kid is most interested in - kitchen utensils, picnic items such as fruits and vegetables, animals, cooking and the like. 

Recommended ages: 9 months to 4-year-olds

  1. An eco-friendly dump truck toy

As all parents know, kids are usually super excited when they are able to unload all the toys that they have from a box or a toy dump truck. Although this inclination can be chaotic at times, having a dump truck designated for toys can teach your kid how to load and unload the truck. So, you can use the dump truck to instill good habits and manners.

Recommended ages: All ages. 

We hope you have found inspiration from these 7 useful and adorable Christmas gifts for toddlers. For more ideas on what you can buy for your toddler, we recommend you to consider finding suitable clothes or toys on trusted and well-curated websites such as babyswag.com.
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