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A Buyer's Guide to Preemie Clothes

Any parent knows that welcoming a new baby into this world is the most amazing and indescribable feeling. However, it comes with a lot of worries, especially if you are the mom and dad of a preemie baby. The premature arrival of a baby is a shock and surprise, and parents will have to cope with a range of emotions. There are also practical things that need to be taken care of, like finding the right clothes for your little one. But, what kind of clothing do you need for your tiny bundle of joy? To help you out and make buying more enjoyable, we from Baby Swag made a buyer's guide to preemie clothes.

 Find out how sizing works

Having clothes that fit your baby perfectly means that your little one will feel warm and will grow and develop comfortably. Therefore, you need to ensure you buy clothes that fit your baby right. It is difficult to decide which clothing sizes you will need for a newborn, especially if you have a premature baby. However, there are some general sizing guidelines for infant preemie clothes, and as with children's and adult clothing, sizing for preemie clothes varies from one brand to another. Nevertheless, the most important thing to remember regarding the size of clothes for preemie babies is that prem clothing should fit snugly. Make sure that your baby's clothes are comfortable around the neckline, chest, and sleeves. Also, avoid buying dolls or teddy bear clothing for your tiny one. A premature baby hasn't gained additional weight like a full-term infant, so these kinds of clothing will probably be very baggy.

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Preemie clothes must be made of soft fabric

When you start looking for clothes, make sure you know what are the best fabrics for baby clothes. A quality fabric will provide your baby with comfort and practicality. We all know that newborns have sensitive skin, but preemie babies can be more sensitive than a full-term newborn. Therefore, you should choose soft, gentle fabrics that will keep your tiny one cozy. When you go shopping, look for clothing made with natural fabrics like 100% organic cotton. For babies in neonatal units, the natural fabric of clothing is essential, because natural fabric like merino or organic cotton, is breathable and won't cause overheating.

Pick clothes that are safe and easy to put on and take off

When buying preemie clothes, or baby clothes in general, safety must come first. Still, safety is sometimes overlooked by busy parents and family members. Pay attention that the clothes you buy for your tiny one have no decorations like bows, buttons, or hooks since they can be very dangerous and cause choking hazards. Another thing to pay attention to when buying preemie clothes is to find clothes that are easy to put on and take off. Dressing a premature baby can be tricky because the baby is so small and fragile. Therefore, you have to find clothes that will make the dressing process easy for you, but, at the same time, it has to be gentle for your baby.

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Best clothes for premature babies

Nowadays, finding preemie clothes is not difficult. Preemie size of baby clothes is available in stores or on websites. In our guide to preemie clothe, we are giving you a list of clothes that every premature baby can wear.

  • Hats – For preemie babies, hats are a must. Babies lose body heat out of their heads, so it is essential to keep your newborn baby's tiny head covered in any season.
  • Onesies – Onesies are very practical, and parents will be able to dress their tiny little ones easily. Make sure you shop for kid's organic clothes and be aware that onesies can be worn by stable premature babies.
  • Sleepers – When a baby is transitioning from a warm incubator to an open crib, one-piece pajamas with long sleeves and feet will keep the baby warm.

How to wash baby clothes?

All babies have sensitive skins and delicate respiratory system, but premature babies are even more sensitive. Harsh chemicals and strong odors may cause allergic reactions, and therefore you should pay special attention to how to wash baby clothes. It is crucial to always wash preemie clothes before wearing them to ensure the clothes are clean. Wash your baby's clothing in warm or hot water, and make sure that the environment is smoke-free. The most important thing is to use a detergent that is perfume and dye-free. Also, do not use fabric softeners because they contain perfume that can cause skin irritation.

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Do not buy too many clothes

It is a well-known fact that babies grow in what can seem like the blink of an eye.  Therefore, you shouldn't invest too much in preemie clothes because, believe it or not, your little one will grow so fast, and you will have to go shopping for regular baby clothes. Babies usually don't stay one size more than a month or two, so there is no need to "stock up" on baby clothes.

Moms and dads of preemie babies go through a stressful time, and they will probably spend the first days in the NICU. They will have so many things on their minds, and they won't have time to worry about the basics like finding the clothes for the tiny bundle of joy. Therefore, we honestly hope that our buyer's guide to preemie clothes will take some worries off your minds and help you find the right clothes for your little warrior.
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