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Shopping for Kid's Organic Clothes: Tips & Tricks

Every parent wants what's best for their child. When it comes to picking clothes for them to wear, there are so many options on the market that you will not find it easy to choose. However, if you want to make sure that what they are wearing is environmentally-friendly too, your search will be narrowed to kid's organic clothes. Here are some tips and tricks to read before you go shopping.

Why are kid's organic clothes good for your child?

You have probably heard about organic materials being the best choice of fabrics for baby and kid's clothes, but why is that so? Chemical pesticides are not used in the production of organic fibers. Also, no chemical dyes are allowed in the production of organic clothes. That means that your kids clothes will not have any chemical residue which could otherwise cause rashes and irritations. Clothes made of organic fibers are perfect for kids prone to allergies.

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Apart from cotton which is the most common organic material in kid's fashion, there are other natural fibers like wool. hemp. linen, etc. Organic fibers absorb moisture and tend to be warm in winter and cool in summer. They are also easily washed in cold water, so the machine cycle set at 30-40 degrees will be just enough for keeping your kid's organic clothes clean and durable.

How to buy organic clothes without breaking a bank?

Some people don't even consider buying organic clothes thinking that they are high above their budget. To be honest, some brands are ridiculously expensive, but you can always find those that are just as good but less pricey.

Many brands fight for their customers by offering various discounts. Be smart and use this opportunity to get the most value for your money. "Buy one - get one free", or "Get three for the price of two" are the most common offers you can find even in stores selling top-quality products like those with baby and kid's clothes made from organic cotton. Environmentally-friendly companies care about our planet, so they do not put their profits first. They know that the more people buy their clothes, the better chances for the environment are, so they try to keep the prices as low as possible.

Some practical tips for buying your kid's clothes

Being eco-friendly means not only buying clothes made from natural materials. They also have to be made from sustainable sources. Apart from that, there are other rules you should pay attention to if you would like to live in accordance with nature and still provide your kid with clothes that are best for them.

Buy only what you need

Even if you can afford to buy an entire collection of cool baby clothes or a dozen outfits for your little one, you should resist the urge. Going organic is more about what's good for nature and practicing consumerism is not. If you are about to become a parent for the first time and you are not sure what you need to get for your new family member, you should consult those more experienced parents. They will tell you what you really have to get and what you can rent, buy second-hand, or even do without.


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Parents with some more experience know that they should focus on basics when shopping for baby or kid's clothes. Practical advice would be to invest in quality organic bottoms and twice as many shirts for the next season. If you get them all in one store do not be afraid to ask for a discount.

Certain pieces of clothes get worn only once or twice. Holiday outfits and Halloween costumes are the best examples. Buying them brand new every year doesn't make too much sense, so even if you do get them for your little one, make sure that you hand them down or donate them to other families.

Think about outfits rather than pieces when shopping for kid's organic clothes

One of the common mistakes when shopping for clothes is buying an item before deciding what you will pair it with. When that happens, you either need to buy a new one to match or the first one remains unworn. Be smart and think about combinations or buy basics that can be matched with pretty much anything.

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If you want your investment in organic kid's clothes to last even longer, you should pick items that are gender-neutral. For instance, when buying baby onesies you can pick those that are white or grey. Their prints make them special and nowadays the choice is endless. Neutral colors are not only good for passing to children who are not the same gender as yours they are easier to combine too!

Buy organic clothes that are one size bigger

Kids grow up faster than we think, especially babies. That's why buying clothes that are just a little bit bigger can be a good idea. They will be able to wear them longer and your investment will pay off. Plus, the whole point of going green is in buying stuff that are going to be used as much as possible. When you know your child will be wearing a certain item for at least 20-30 times, you will make the right decision buying it.

We agree that it can be a little bit difficult to guess the right size of clothes for your kid since not every manufacturer makes items that are true to size. That's why you should always check their kid's and baby clothes size charts, and get one size bigger than your little one is at the moment. If you have a dryer, you won't make a mistake by getting even two sizes up since clothes tend to shrink in it.


Being environmentally-friendly is not only better for our planet, but for ourselves and our kids too. By buying kid's organic clothes we invest in their health and the well-being of everything around us.

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