Creative ways to prepare your home for a new baby

Creative ways to prepare your home for a new baby

As your due date is approaching, you might feel overwhelmed and under pressure when you think about all the things you need to do to prepare your home for a new baby. You probably do not even know where to start as you are being too occupied with dozens of doctor appointments and birthing plans. However, you don’t need to worry, this stressful feeling and confusion are completely normal. Everyone has moments of panic before they welcome a new bundle of joy. Before you tackle the most important home project before your baby comes, read Baby Swag’s article and learn practical tips for getting your home ready for your new baby.

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Make sure your house is safe for a new baby

Having a baby who can crawl might seem like a lifetime away, but trust us, it’s not. Practically overnight your baby will become mobile and it will be able to crawl into the kitchen or bathroom and open cabinets full of toxic chemicals. That’s why it would be easier for you to prepare your home for a new baby now when you are not sleep-deprived. Make sure that cleaning products and medications are stored out of sight and out of reach in securely locked cabinets. Also, do not forget to check or install smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.

Start preparing your home for a new baby with the kitchen

When it comes to reorganizing and preparing your home for a new member, a kitchen is a good place to start. There are three things you should do if you want to have a kitchen ready when the baby comes:

  • Reimagine your kitchen space – Take a look at all your kitchen appliances with a critical eye and decide what can be stored and what can stay. Of course, a coffeemaker is a necessity, but do you need that tortilla warmer you rarely use? This way you will make space for a baby-food maker or bottle rack. Also, don't forget to clean out a drawer because you will need it to keep baby spoons, bowls, and sippy cups.
  • Make room in your fridge and start cooking – Well, your baby may be on an only-milk diet now, but you still have to eat solid, proper food. Take advantage of your free time now, and clean your fridge from top to bottom. Take everything out and toss expired or unidentifiable food. Then wipe down the shelves and scrub off all sticky spots. Now, the fridge is ready for the food that will be waiting for you after your baby is born. Once your little one arrives, you won’t have time for cooking, so prepare your favorite meals, and freeze it. Prepare your meals a month ahead of time and you won't have to worry about what to cook when the baby comes. You will have a home-cooked, delicious, and nutritious meal ready in no time that will fuel you for the tough job of parenthood.
  • You don't have to use a sterilizer – As a new parent, you probably feel like you are surrounded by bottles, pacifiers, and teething toys that need to be sterilized. The good news is that new studies show that you no longer have to boil them or use a bottle sterilizer. Hot, soapy water will kill all common germs.

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Get rid of the clutter

You probably know that newborn babies come with a lot of stuff. When tiny people come every home can soon seem cluttered when you take into consideration Moses basket, changing mat, baby gym, toys, bottles, and baby clothes that every new mom should own. Therefore, take advantage of the early days of your pregnancy, declutter your home, and prepare it for a new baby. There is probably a lot of things you won't need when your little one comes along. Make space and adapt your home to your new lifestyle.

Refresh your wardrobe

Well, reorganizing your wardrobe may not be on your list to do when preparing your home for a new baby, but we assure you that this is an important task. When your baby comes and when you are in the early days of post-partum, you might find yourself feeling a little bit depressed. The only clothes you have to wear are your maternity clothes and your pre-pregnancy clothes that no longer fit. This is a vulnerable period for every new mom and looking at the clothes that don’t fit can be a disheartening experience. Our advice is to clear out your wardrobe, pack away anything you are not going to wear anymore, and find yourself clothes you would love to wear after the baby comes. If you are breastfeeding, you can find adorable nursing clothes like T-shirts, tops, and dresses. You can also find some ideas and fashion tips for mom and baby matchy combinations which can be charming.  

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Pregnancy is an exciting time, and when the countdown begins, you want to be sure that you have prepared your home for a new baby. As an expecting mother, you will have the nesting instinct and you will do everything to be prepared for your bundle of joy. Make sure your home is safe for the baby, clean everything, and find a storage space for all the stuff you won’t need when the baby comes.  Having a newborn in your home is exciting, so enjoy the happy times ahead of you.
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