Prepare your toddler for spring with these outfits

Prepare your toddler for spring with these outfits

Spring is on its way! Longer and sunnier days and higher temperatures are just around the corner. However, rain showers are also absolutely inevitable during the spring months. Spring is a very unpredictable season, and you never know when it is going to be a little rainy or warm and sunny. Therefore, your toddler has to be well dressed and prepared for the sun, but also for jumping in the puddle. Baby Swag has great tips to dress and prepare your toddler for spring with these outfits. Read on to be in the know which wardrobe essentials your toddler needs to be ready for whatever the day may bring.

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Invest in good pair of waterproof shoes

Have you heard the saying: “April showers, bring May flowers”? Puddles are part of the spring season, and there is something about puddles that attract toddlers. Therefore, it is important to dress your toddler for this special occasion: getting wet when jumping in the puddle. Investing in good pair of waterproof is crucial. Rubber boots are a good option when it is already raining or you know it is going to rain and you have to go somewhere. The main key to maintain the dry feet of your toddler is to choose the right size of rubber boot. If the boot is too small, it can be painful to your child’s feet. If the boot is too big, the foot may slip out easily and be fully immersed in a puddle. However, rain can sometimes pop out unexpectedly. Thus, having a pair of good waterproof shoes for everyday wear during spring can save your kid's outfit from being soaked in seconds.

Prepare your toddler for spring with a cardigan or light jacket

Chilly mornings and sunny and warm noon, are characteristics of early spring. Being prepared for all possibilities when you leave the house, is the most challenging task parents will face, regarding dressing the toddler. The best option is to go with a nice, light jacket which will help you layer your toddler for changing temperatures. Jackets can be found in pretty much any color and they are a great solution for both boys and girls. If you are looking for a little dressier solution for your daughter, you can go with a cute and comfy cardigan.

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Wardrobe essential – a good hat

No matter if it is sunny or it is raining, a good hat is a must. During the unpredictable spring weather, a hat is a piece of clothing every child needs. It is also something kids will wear throughout summer as well. But why is a hat so important? A hat will not only keep the little ones’ heads dry during rainy spring weather, but it will also keep the sun off their face and shoulders. Thus, there will be less chance of sunburn or they won’t need sunglasses. Therefore, when you go shopping for quality toddler clothes, pick a hat that is made of high-quality fabric and that fits your little one's head. Be aware that if you pick one size hat, the hat may end up being too big which doesn't really serve a purpose. It will fall and cover your child's eyes or it will be too small. Thus, look for custom fit hats, so your little one can wear them for years to come.

Go nowhere without a comfy tee

It goes without saying that a comfy tee for your toddler is a must during changeable spring weather. A tee is a piece of clothing that can be worn by itself on warm days or under the jacket or cardigan for cooler days.  Make sure you choose nice organic cotton tees that will provide your little one with comfort. You can choose a simple tee or with an amusing print and pair it with just about any pair of pants, jacket, or cardigan.

A good pair of pull-on pants

For the spring season, you want something easy for your toddler to pull on and off to promote independence in dressing. Investing in good pair of pants that will be well made and durable is essential when you need to prepare your toddler for spring. A high-quality pair of pants will hold up tearing up when your busy toddler is climbing, crawling, and playing around.  Nowadays, you can find countless durable pull-on pants for both boys and girls. For boys, there is a selection of pants with reinforced knees that are a must for your fun-loving boy. Plus, they are in style this year!

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We would love to tell you that preparing your toddler for spring means shorts, but it does not. Instead, it usually involves layers, waterproof shoes, and soaking wet children. Therefore, we thought that sharing a list of items you will need to keep your little one dry and happy during this unstable season of the year. With these outfits, you will prepare your toddler for spring, so you can together enjoy the season ahead of you.
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