Mother and a baby at baby’s first Thanksgiving

Baby’s First Thanksgiving - Tips and Outfit Ideas

Thanksgiving is a great holiday and it is all about being grateful and giving thanks for everything you have in your life. And, if you got a new baby in the family this year, you certainly have a lot to be thankful for. There is no doubt that babies are one of the greatest joys, and a baby's first Thanksgiving is a perfect opportunity for extended family and friends to meet your little bundle of joy. It can be also a perfect chance to start some new family tradition, and we are giving you some tips and outfit ideas that will make your baby’s first Thanksgiving celebration memorable.

Start Thanksgiving family tradition

If you don’t have a long-standing Thanksgiving tradition, now is the ideal time to start a family holiday tradition. Gather your relatives and friends around the dinner table and share favorite memories and something for which you are thankful. Apart from strengthening the family bond, this is also a great way to teach your older children thankfulness and gratitude. Have fun with your family, watch Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, play games or make a cute Thanksgiving craft. Your baby's first Thanksgiving is a great opportunity to establish a family tradition that will be memorable. You can volunteer as a family, and in that way, you can make a stronger bond, create lifelong memories, and teach the little ones that giving is important. You can also donate to a local charity, and since this is your baby's first Thanksgiving, make the monetary fond in his/her name. When your child grows up, he/she will the story of how helpful and giving tradition was started in his/her honor.


A family gathered around the table during Thanksgiving celebration 

Choose a cute outfit for the baby's first Thanksgiving

Having a baby at the holidays is a great joy and having a chance to dress up a baby in cute festive outfits can be so amusing. Celebrate your little one's first Thanksgiving by choosing the cute outfit for the baby. Countless Thanksgiving special outfits are so adorable and you won't be able to resist and not buy it. You can also find cute matching Thanksgiving outfits for the whole family. Go shopping or look online and find a cute matching outfit for the family that will make the baby's first Thanksgiving interesting and unforgettable.

Capture the moment with a Thanksgiving photoshoot

Organizing your own Thanksgiving photoshoot is an excellent way to create a memory of your baby’s first Thanksgiving that you will treasure forever. For the perfect Thanksgiving photoshoot, you need to set a stage with the colors of fall, to incorporate leaves, pumpkins, and hay. Deciding what to wear for family photos can be fun, and you should focus on finding coordinating outfits for each family member. After setting a stage and finding the perfect outfits, gather everyone around and place baby front and center. This way, you will create memories that are priceless and worth preserving for your little darling


A Thanksgiving turkey

Make a Thanksgiving video for your baby

Record a video of your little one's first Thanksgiving to capture the moments of that special day. It will be fun to watch the baby's reaction to the giant turkey, getting his or her first bite of Thanksgiving feast, or napping with a dad after lunch in father and son matching outfits. You can also ask friends and family to record a quick message for your baby. Your child will enjoy watching these special messages from loved ones.

Let your baby have a taste of Thanksgiving

If your baby is old enough to eat solid foods, Thanksgiving is a great time to introduce some new tastes. It won't take you too much time to prepare a puree of some Thanksgiving favorites for your little one. Baby's first Thanksgiving is a good time to introduce sweet potatoes, pumpkin, and squash to your baby's menu. If your relative is the one who organizes the Thanksgiving feast, make sure you prepare the food for your little one in advance, place the food in containers with labels, and take the food with you to the Thanksgiving celebration. Before you start with the feast, take a few minutes, and feed your little one first. It would also be great if someone snaps photos of you and your little darling enjoying Thanksgiving food for the first time.

A family sharing a Thanksgiving turkey


Don't worry about things being "perfect"

When you have a baby at home, things don't always go as planned, and that is fine. Many things are out of our control – baby can be grumpy, dinner can run late, or turkey may be dry. However, the most important thing to remember is that spending time with your loved ones is what matters and that you need to relax and enjoy the moments when you are all together.  You shouldn't bite your nails about the small stuff, and you should take time and enjoy every moment of your little one's first Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving is a favorite holiday of many because it makes us slow down and reflect on the blessings and hardships of our year. Baby's first Thanksgiving celebration should be a fun and enjoyable occasion in which each family member should enjoy. Prepare your favorite food, find quirky matching outfits for everybody, take a lot of photos and share funny stories. Don't skip the nap time with your little one and make sure you soak in every moment of your baby's first Thanksgiving. You will create memories that will last a lifetime.

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